EmerLink Video

NPO «OTS» presents the first Russian system for organization live broadcasting – EmerLink Video. The product became a concentration of all modern trends in the development of broadcasting equipment such as an ultra compact design, the latest codec h.265 and an intuitive user interface, the support for all modern telecommunications standards and the innovative algorithm for the link aggregation.

NPO «OTS» presents the first Russian system for organiztion live broadcasting – EmerLink Video. This product became a concentration of all modern trends in the development of broadcasting equipment such as an ultra compact design, latest codec h.265 and intuitive user interface, support for all modern telecommunications standards and innovative algorithm for the link aggregation.

The highly efficient bonding and encoding

EmerLink Video can sum up to 11 different Internet-channels and transmit the TV-picture in full HD 1080p. The highly efficient built-in universal modems with 4G/LTE support allows to get a stable signal even if the network is unstable and has limited coverage. The highly efficient codec h.265 brought the picture quality and its detailing to a new level. Its efficiency is 50% greater than its predecessor h.264 has. There is no more compromise – the high-quality video is here and now!

The live without delay

The intuitive interface is a result of consultation of leading TV and media professionals. The system adapts automatically to the quality of the network locations and suggests an optimal settings for the user that considerably reduces shooting time. The principle «in the air with one touch» is implemented due to the possibility of remote configuration of the equipment from the studio. It allows you to avoid errors which is commom for the wireless systems.
No need to think – it’s time to film!

The charge is always positive

The ability of «hot swapping» and the universal battery grounds bring the autonomy to a new level. No more bind to a brand batteries and charging devices.

Broadcasting without borders

EmerLink Video can transmit both on the studio server or directly to the Internet. The handy control panel allows you to switch the streams on the fly and carry out timely redistribution.

  • Highly efficient codec H.265
  • Low consumption of traffic at improving the quality of the video
  • Ultra compact design
  • Easy operation
  • Long battery life
  • High level of autonomy as a result of «hot swapping» ability



Resolution 1080р / 1080i / 720p / 576i
Interface Sdi
Video formats hd-sdi, sd-sdi, pal/ntsc (smpte 259m, 292, 296m)
Video Codec h.265 (hevc)
Internal interfaces
Network interfaces 6 x gsm modems, 2 x usb ports, 2 x lan port, wi-fi
Network modems Up to 11 connections (4g lte/ 3g, wi-fi, ethernet, bgan, ka-sat)
Supported Communication Standards 4g lte, hspa+, hsupa, hsdpa, umts, 802.11 a,b,g&n (wi-fi)
lan & bgan bgan и lan are supported through
User interfaces
Control touch screen, remote control possible
Indication the ability to preview audio and video
User specifications
Portability one person is enough for transportation and work, work in the process of movement is possible.
Choice of parameters user can choose the parameters of the work to optimize the following Characteristics: video transmission delay / video bitrate
Temporary delay in the on-line translation mode – less than 1 second. in other modes – delayThe translation compensates for the unstable operation of communication channels
Continuity of translation ensures continuous transmission of audio signal even in the event of a significant drop in the level of communication
Power Supplies Input: 19V, 3A, connectors for external battery (anton bauer or v-lock), possible”Hot swapping”, connector for power supply from the mains (from 100V to 240V)
Additional Features
Functions fast file transfer (ftp); ifb provides a reverse audio signal from the studio; store & forward mode – record material on the sending device followed by broadcast to the receiving server.
Stability and signal quality Image quality and signal stability are provided by the algorithm automatically-adjustable video stream division depending on communication conditions, as well as an automatic error correction system
Dimensions 23 x 11 x 21 sm
Weight 2.5kg