EmerLink Pro

Professional bonding system EmerLink PRO

The company NPO «OTS» presents the first in the Russian market domestic system for bonding wired and wireless channels to provide reliable access to the Internet. EmerLink PRO is fully Russian development and made in Russia.

Emerlink PRO system is able to sum up to 8 channels: 6 x GSM, 2 x Ethernet connectivity with satellite terminal. 4 built-in GSM-modems and compact litghtweight body provides comfortable usage and exceprional mobility. Efficient and reliable bonding algoritm allows you to get the highest possible speed even where Internet coverage is unstable. The opportunity to connect an additional external USB-modem via port system adds flexibility.

The main advantage of the system is the abbility to construct a VPN-connection between remote offices equipped with EmerLink PRO and the Head Quarters to provide a rapid data exchange and timely access to the relevant information. VPN has built-in protection, but you could also add an extra certified encryption with FSTEC standards.

Technical features

Wi-Fi 1
Integral modem3G / 4G LTE 4
USB 3G / 4G LTE 2
GSP Optionally
Ethernet WAN 2
Number of merged connections 9
Ethernet LAN 4
access point
Supply Adapter: AC In 220W / DC Out 12W 240W / DC Out 12W 20Watt (max.)
Watt consumption 36 Watt
Total characteristic
Gabarit 295 x 210 x 40 mm
Weight 2,26 kg
Temperature conditions -20°…+60°C